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   Our company malt is high quality barley imported from Australia. It has the features of heavy aroma, light color, dissolving moderately and equal quality. It is the excellent material for producing good beer and it has the following advantages compared to other products.  
High quality product
   The color of Sihai malt is light yellow and bright. It has heavy aroma, no mildew and straight smell. It has higher standard and is enjoyed by consumers.Sihai malt has the following features: Firstly, high extracting rate. Secondly, high sugar melting power. Thirdly, high a-AAN. Lastly, dissolving moderately. The beer produced by sihai malt is transparent and has the pure color, heavy aroma and abundant foam, which is snow white, morbidezza and stable, so it is the ideal material to produce super beer.
Advantage of price
   Firstly,Our company has the authority of import and export, so the malt can be imported directly from ABB, thus it can save a lot of money, guarantee the supply and quality and reduce produce cost. Secondly, our company adopts the advanced “tower” produce equipment and “
German laosmanmalt production line. It is equipped with highly-automatic equipment and saves energy sources in order to improve labor productivity. Thirdly, it has mature technology and strict management. Its malt extracting rate is very high and on a top level in China because it adopts advanced product technology and strict management. It has the advantage of great price competition and lower cost through the strict management. The product has great advantage of price competition because it can reduce energy and product cost through strict management.Fourthly, our company is situated in Chengde district, eastern longitude 118 degree, north latitude 41 degree. It features continental monsoon semi-humid climate and semi-arid climate, with its average annual temperature at 9.2 C and rainfall of 539.80 mm. It has 162 days of no frost and only needs 100 days to refrigerate, reducing energy of 20% than the south.

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